drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Can Americans Allow Iraq to Fall To The Iraqi's???

Hum... Rummy is telling them thar evil folks, that they must back off on demands about Iraq taking control of Iraq.....

Ok, so if Iraq is not in control of Iraq? Is it an american protectorate???

Or is it just one more failed nation state that should be in the hands of the UN????

Or is Rummy hoping that majikally the Iraqi's Will take Control of Iraq, without that Control callenging the american protectorate???

Or is this just more of Dear Old Dick's Love Of Torture????

Inquiring Minds Just Want To Know!!!!

All Hail To Great Leader!!! For Great Leader Is Great!!! And Great Leader brought us Dear Old Dick and Rummy as his alternative performance art piece, which he had hoped would be produced by Kevin Smith as "Jay and Silent Bob go To Oz and Bomb The Shit OUT 'em because they are not the right sort of Zombies From New Jearsy"....

Yes!!! No One Is More Great Leader Than Great Leader!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!

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