drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Center Of Gravity Shifts To America!!!

Hey Boys and Girls, it is OFFICIAL!!! It is now time to Activate the 101st Fighting Keyboardists, since the Center of Gravity of the WhateverOnWhomever has now officially shifted out of the Middle East and Back to the USofA!!!
The "center of gravity" in the Iraq war is in America with the American people, not on the battlefield, and the media is a powerful tool that influences the people's will, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Oct. 24.

"This is the first war that's been conducted in the 21st century with all the new media realities of 24-hour talk radio and Sony cams and digital cameras and news constantly on television," Secretary Rumsfeld. "But the American people have a pretty good center of gravity.

"They've got a good inner gyroscope," he said. "And it may be disorienting for a time; it may blow us off course somewhat, but we tend to re-center."

America's wars always have had critics, but the difference in this war is the prevalence of the media, Secretary Rumsfeld said. Terrorists recognize the influence the media has, so they use their own media committees to determine how best to manipulate the American public through the media, he said.

[ cf Rumsfeld: Terrorists use media to manipulate American people ]
Hum, what happened to the "armed forces" in the old school tie "AFNS" - that was the Armed Forces News Service, before it became this new Fangled Thing, the "American Forces Press Service".

I mean, do we really need to force the Press Service, like as if this were merely some Red Hollywood Hustle???

Or is that the Really Super Dooper Found art moment, as Rummy spaces over the years of ThatVietnameseThingiePooh.... I can understand how easy it would be to space out the american involvement in that fun filled Generation Defining Experience - if, well, gosh, golly Geee Whiz, this current administration has built itself upon the very folks who were having such a Bad Hair Day Back Then.... And, well, just the thought of tying the two experiences together with any sort of actual rational Comparative analysis would be, wait for it
so it is not like Rummy is actually lying to americans.

Anyone who engages in the TERRORIST ATTACKS ON AMERICA of remembering, well, clearly shows How EVIL those types of people Are!!!

Remember Boys and Girls,
Memory Is Not Only Theft!!!!
Do you want to do your part???

All Hail Great Leader!!! For Great Leader Is Great!!!!

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