drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

The Jack Boots Of Communism On The March....

And elsewhere, former Food and Drug Administration chief Lester Crawford, who resigned two months after his confirmation, has just pleaded guilty to hiding his ownership in food and drug companies "regulated" by his agency.
[ cf Ivins: The campaign of sleaze ]
How Typical Of The Radical Left Wing Communists to attack the Ownership of the Means of Productions That one has bought a place in Government To Oversee!!!

Clearly IF the communists are Elected no Decent White Male Christian will be able to buy a position in government!!!! Which will mean leaving the regulation of our Food And Drug industry up to mere Scientists and Others who do not Support The Divine Will Of The One True And Only Decider! The Greatest Military Leader, EVER!!!!!

ARE YOU as shocked at the Rest of Us that Nancy Pelosi's Reptilian Mind Control to field all of her Arch Red Menance Demon Clones, with their Plus Six Majik Shields and Poison Death Spray!!! This sort of Sick And Disgusting behavior on the Part of the Evil Liberals, as they try to bring back to life the Sort Of Red Communism that only The Heritage Foundation with it's Plus 36 TimeWarpShaftOfManliness can actually Control!!!!

Yes Boys And Girls!!! If you are NOT supporting Great Leader than the Evil Doers Will Do Evil!!!! And the Brain Wave Sucking Space Aliens will be left wandering around when they have turned on the Likes of Nancy Pelosi!!!!

What more reasonable Argument can be put forward as to why All True White Christian Americans can not allow the House to Fall Under the Red jack Boots Of Communism!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!!

For Great Leader Is Great!!!

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