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Why Does The Heritage Foundation Hate Jesus???

I was Just SHOCKED!!!! SHOCKED!!!! I tell you to hear the Evil Radical LEFTISTS at the Heritage Foundation stabbing our valiant fighting forces in the back by questioning the choices of the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!
Since January of 2004, when President Bush first proposed his “comprehensive immigration reform,” it has become increasingly evident that there is a sharp disconnect on this issue between the political elites in the nation’s capital and the values and concerns of average citizens.
This problem of unlawful entry into our country is intellectually, morally, and politically separate from other issues related to immigration. I believe the President’s attempt to roll these separate prob lems into one so-called comprehensive plan has caused much confusion and needless delay in fix ing our broken borders.

It is one of the great misfortunes for the nation and the Republican Party that over the past three years the White House has proven to be tone deaf on border security and immigration reform.

The President continues to repeat the same red herring argument, which he used again recently in his August 5 weekly radio broadcast, that the nation needs to find a “rational middle ground” between the “two extremes of mass deportation and amnesty.”

Bush further confuses the debate by insisting that amnesty is “automatic citizenship,” and that nothing else can be called amnesty. The fact is there is no such thing in history or in immigration law as “auto matic citizenship,” and H.R. 4437 does not propose “mass deportations.” Yet neither fact deters the Pres ident and his army of propagandists from repeating the same non sequiturs month after month.

[ cf A New Strategy for Control of Illegal Immigration ]

Brutally and Viciously Coming Out on the Side of the Nancy Pelosi Wing of Al-Qaeda by VICIOUSLY attacking the President with their Radical Leftist Agenda as IF the president were not a War President while our valiant Fighting Forces ARE at this very moment Defending the Free World in the KNOWN UNIVERSE!!!!!

Have these God Hating America Bashers NOTICED that NOT ONE ASTERROID from Klendathu has come down since the President's National Day of Torture Act made every day in America National Torture!!!

Clearly when these Communist Red Fanatics embark upon their Class War Rhetoric about the "political elites in the nation’s capital" they really need to go back and remember that their Red Fellow Travellors have Abandoned Them!!!! Unless of course these Pinko's want to Go Back to NoKo where they belong!!!

They can Either Love Great Leader And Support The President To Support The Troops, Or they should turn their Traitorous Treasonous Selves into the state security apparatus nearest them!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!!

For He Keeps Us Safe From Asteroids Being Hurled at us by Klendathu!!!
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