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NATO Continues Brutal War In Afghanistan

But of course are the Red Hollywood Elites up in arms about the NATO troops out there, do their Dafur Dance Of Death????


One has to wonder why the Evil Leftists Liberals remain silent to this Brutal Tragedy:
NATO warplanes reportedly have killed dozens of civilians during bombing in southern Afghanistan. NATO officials say the operation targeted insurgent bases and killed 48 militants. But local Afghan leaders and witnesses say the victims were civilians, including women and children.

Afghan policeman stands inside house damaged during NATO bombing in Ashogho, Kandahar province, Oct 18, 2006

The incident happened in southern Afghanistan's volatile Panjwai district, where witnesses say NATO planes bombed residential houses for several hours Tuesday, causing the deaths.

A NATO statement, issued late Wednesday, said an estimated 48 militants were killed in heavy fighting in the area. But the alliance also said that there were credible reports of civilian casualties.

U.N. officials in Afghanistan also have expressed concern over the reported civilian deaths and have urged a speedy and thorough investigation.

{ cf VOA: Afghan Officials Say Civilians Killed During NATO Operation ]
First it is the Soviet Red Hordes!!!

Now the Evil Imperialists of NATO are Persecuting our Much Beloved Heroic Mujahadien, who helped End the Brutal Soviet Repression of their Lovely Little Country!!! All While Red Fellow Travellors, like Michael J. Fox, and his Radical Left Wing Extremists, ignore this Clear Sign of the Evil Rise Of Red TERROR by the Failed Eruo Nations!!!

it is Just SHOCKING!!!!

Clearly if the President were Not Besieged In The White House, he would come to the Aid of the Afghani's!!! But the Evil Liberal Main Stream Media remains unwilling to support his policy of Staying The Course!!!


Before the Democrats bring their Well Oiled Blue Helmeted One Worlder Army that they have been Training under the Guise of NATO Imperialist Operations In Afghanistan, here to the US of A!!! And Embark upon imposing one More Communist State In Their Very Red World!!!! Americans must unite behind the President and OPPOSE the Evil Democrats and their Jack Booted NATO Militarist Thugs!!!

Think of the Children!!! The Innocent Children!!!!!

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