drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

So Why IS Bill Frist A CUT AND RUNNER Defeatist???

Ok, so the whining Liberal Leftist Defeatist Cut And Runner Bill Frist has come out stabbing our troops in the back, not merely by abandoning his post in a Time of Transferring The Tax Liability unto the Unborn, but by OPPOSING the use of Patriotic Advertising to Back his Replacement.
Day after Mehlman defended anti-Ford spot, party says it’s ‘run its course’

The Republican National Committee said Wednesday it was taking off the air an attack ad that critics said was a racial slur against Democratic Tennessee Senate candidate Harold Ford Jr., one day after the party’s chairman said he saw nothing wrong with it.

The ad - in which a young, white actress talks about meeting Ford, a 36-year-old bachelor who is black, “at the Playboy party” and invites him to “call me” - was denounced as a race-baiting tactic by the Ford campaign, the NAACP and Republican former Sen. Bill Cohen.

Bob Corker, Ford’s Republican opponent for the seat being vacated by Senate Republican leader Bill Frist, also called it “tacky” and asked that it be pulled.

[ cf GOP retires ‘Playboy’ ad in Tennessee ]

What Happened to defending our White Christian America???

Can it be that the Defeatist Cut and Runners are out there Seeking To Impose their Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Al-Qaeda Cyborg Pirate Canadianist Agenda on White Christian America simply because Defeatists Cut and Runners like Bill Frist feel that it is OK to abandon their Posts in a Time of Transferring the tax liabilities unto the Unborn!!!

I Am Just Shocked!!!!

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