drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Do NeoCons need to vote in the 2006 elections?

well no. I mean what is the point? First off let us peak at
House Republican campaign Chairman Thomas Reynolds said Tuesday that voter loyalty and a fine-tuned turnout effort will preserve the Republican congressional majority on Election Day, despite sagging poll numbers and gloominess from some in his own party.

"We still believe we can hold the House," the New York congressman told USA TODAY and Gannett News Service in an interview. "I know what I have to do. I'm doing it. My team is doing it."

A pugnacious four-term veteran, Reynolds dismissed polls that show voters increasingly dissatisfied with President Bush and the GOP as merely "interesting information" in a year when contests will be decided in states and congressional districts. "This is hand-to-hand combat in the trenches," he said.

[ cf Reynolds: GOP can hang on to House majority ]

You just have to love that war hero stuff there - about how staying CONUS and sitting on one's Face can make one a member of not only the Elite 101st Fighting Keyboardists, but one of the Brilliant BattleField Heroes from the Trenches of the 2006 Mid Term Election....

But, gosh, just like the actual military style operations being conducted as a part of the American Efforts to restore the Iraqi Wetlands, do neoCons really need to deal with this issue any more than any other? Especially since there is a Fine-tuned Turnout Effort, that will make sure that the right votes arrive in the right places at the right times!!!

So besides the simple Mechanics of Fixing Broken Political Campaign Seasons, there is the deeper philosophical Questions that all of the True War Heroes who are every day Heroically Staying The Course, by well, Staying here in america and staying "on top of themselves" by, well, sitting on their faces and Backing Great Leader's Stay The Course Strategy!!!

What REALLY would be the difference IF both houses of congress were to fall to the enemy??? Do americans really believe that would change anything? Does a War President REALLY NEED a seated congress to continue manifesting his special powers????

So nope. There really is no real reason for any of the True War Heroes of the Battle of the 2006 Election Cycle to get up out of their Pajamas.

They can just sit there extolling the Greatness of Great Leader!!! Because Great Leader is GRRRREAT!!!!

All Hail Great Leader, for great leader brings greatness to life!!!

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