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Israel Defeats German Military Imperialists....

hey, it's a time of Holy Crusades against Iranian Flying Saucers, we can beef up the head lines a bit. You know, for reasons of national security, and to protect americans from Nancy Pelosi!!!!! who if she were to become speaker of the house would lead to the total destruction of the freee world and everything everywhere.

But now the Fun Stuff:
Two Israeli warplanes have fired over a German naval vessel patrolling off the Lebanese coast, the defence ministry in Berlin says.

Two Israeli F-16 fighters flew low over the ship, firing twice, Der Tagesspiegel newspaper quoted a German junior defence minister as telling a parliamentary committee.

The jets also activated infrared countermeasures to ward off any rocket attack, the paper said, in an advance release ahead of Thursday's edition.

The minister did not say when the incident happened or what had caused it.

"I can confirm that there was an incident," a ministry spokesman said on Wednesday. He declined to give further details as an investigation was under way.

An Israeli military spokeswoman denied that the incident had taken place.

[ cf Israel fires on German ship ]
To Arms!!! To Arms!!! To Arms!!!

Now more than ever all true Americans MUST STOP EATING "Hamburgs" for they will now be known as "Gentile Feedom Ground Meat Food Between Buns", and failure to Support the NEW And Improved American Way of Life simply unmasks the Evil Terrorists Who have Aligned themselves with the Sinister Evil Germans and Hamburgler against the True Greatest Leader EVER!!!

All Hail The Glorious Military Victories of Great Leader!!!! For Great Leader Is Great!!!

Oh yes, and clearly this is proof positive that we Must Bomb Canada.
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