drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Time To Get Out Of NATO and Afghanistan!!!

Berlin/Kabul - Two soldiers were questioned on Wednesday after a newspaper published photographs of German troops posing with the skull of dead man while on a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

The mass circulation Bild newspaper Wednesday printed five photographs of men dressed in German army combat fatigues playing with the skull on military vehicles.

One of the photos shows a soldier exposing himself while holding the skull in his right hand.

[ cf German soldiers quizzed over Afghan skull incident (Roundup) ]
Shocking! Just Absolutely Shocking!!!!

Would we want any of our american troops, innocent, White Blonde Blue Eyed Christian Americans, around such Morally Depraved Preverts???

Clearly now more than ever we must not ONLY end any Evil Failed Pre-911 Klintonesta Policy of being involved with NATO, but now that The Evil NATOites have overrun Afghanistan, should we still be there amongst their Filth and Degeneracy????
Tags: bomb_canada, war

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