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Speaking Of The Great Total Victory Over They Them Those Types...

Ok, so what will 'win' look like this time around?

For those of you who missed being Nixonite Enough, before it was qool to be Nixonite Enough, there was that time, a long, long, long, long time ago when Some Americans were trying to Get LBJ to do the Nixonite Thing and "vietnamize" that VietnamThingie... and of course the Wankers who were the puppet toadies of the White House OPPOSED the use of directly quoting the president about 'not sending american boys to do a job that vietnamese boys were not willing to do.'

Why Gosh, Golly, Gee Whizz... those were the Same Pro-War Wankers who are still suffering from their VOCHAS status this time around... you know, the ones who are all in favor of supporting the president to support the troops, and gosh, back in the day, they too were so in favor of that, as long as it didn't mean getting their Little Hinies In The Weeds in Vietnam, The Republic Of....

So which should we be backing the True Nixonites who opposed LBJ's Failed Liberal Agenda, but of course did the bad thing of being More Nixonite than the Nixonites, before it was qool??? Or the True Believers who only got around to believing that Nixon was Cool, and then, only AFTER Watergate, and are to this very day, still trying to restore all of the Imperial Powers that the White House Would Have Had, if the White House had ever actually had those powers.

So should we be thinking of Bugging Out of Iraq??? Shocked!!! Just Shocked!!! that once again there are whinings from the Iraqi Government that someone has Bugged Out with over $1.2 Billion in Military Aid that never got to the Iraqi Troops.... Or should we wait until the next time around to get really serious About Iraqi-Izing ThatIraqiThingiePooh!!!

Especially before there is serious concern about 'total victory' was suppose to mean...

Or should we Fully Support the policy of "stay the course" and accept that any other position is merely the traitorous conduct of God Hating America Bashers who want to Stab The Troops In The Back by Stabbing The Greatest Military Leader In The Back, because these Evil Doing Evil Doers no longer have the WIN to support Great Leader!!! Who Is Great!!!
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