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DixieChicks, the New Andrew Sullivan???

Ok, so someone has to ask, since there is a pending movie by The Dixie Chicks about what it was like to be the Bush Bashers, like Andrew Sullivan wants to pretend that he is becoming, gosh, back before it was qoolio to be the New And Improved Andrew Sullivan.

Coming Soon we will get to see Shut Up And Sing and we will get to go back through those Glory Days when Wankers Like Andrew Sullivan were such VOCHAS ( Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome ) but knew which side of the bed the K-Way Was Stashed, and the True Meaning Of "take one for the team". Ah yes, makes one wonder why it is that this so called British American was puffering so hard at being such a GOP Player.... ( for the slow witted, I am not cranking on Andrew Sullivan for being Gay, I am cranking on him for pretending to be pro-war, and then not having the courage of his convictions to follow his rhetorical posturing where his lips were flapping. )

Even More So, now that he has his smack The Conservative Soul: How We Lost It, How to Get It Back out there that some books stores are Pimping For Him.... Could it be that I am wrong! It is not that the Dixie Chicks are the New Andrew Sullivan, but that Andrew Sullivan is leading the Charge of the Really qoolio NeoCons who never did like that Dubya Guy, and are all embarrased that the Prez is alledged to have come from Texas....

Now don't get me wrong. Some of us didn't get to go posuering about our Personal Positions On Piety. So we have not been the ones who are running around trying to explain why the RINOs are Republicans but not the Sort of Conservatives who would be the Real qoolio Conservatives Without Conscience who would have been the far qoolio ones if only that Evil Vicious Leftist Leaning TreeHuggerInChief had been willing to Go After The Evil Iran, and it's flying saucers, rather than try so simply restore the wetlands of Iraq!!!

One really does have to wonder where these folks really want to land when the music stops playing???

Maybe some of us really are not willing to make nice. But what IF we had reasons for holding our postions, that we were acting based upon the actual convictions we had... What if we actually believe that the Republic IS worth conserving, so too with the US Constitution????

Long story short, see the movie, forget the JerkOffBook.
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