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Innocent, IF you can proove you have been released....

The Burbank man, Javier Torres, said he sent $1,000 via Western Union in March to pay for a car he bought from a friend in suburban Phoenix. When Torres' friend did not get the money, Torres said he contacted Western Union, which passed along his name to Arizona authorities. Soon Torres said he received a call from state investigators, who said he had to prove the transfer was part of a legitimate transaction to get the money back.

Because he could not produce documentation of the auto purchase—he had already resold the car, he said—Torres never recovered the money he wired. He ended up having to pay his friend a second time by mail.

State courts have allowed Arizona Atty. Gen. Terry Goddard's office to stop transfers that come from certain states, exceed a certain amount and are executed by certain companies during a specified period.

[ cf Suit: Arizona targets money wired from immigrant communities ]
Need Money?

Have your friends In The Government Steal It From The Working Clas Players.

If they whine, have them PROVE that they are Not Terrorists....

Ah yes, the American Way Of Life!!!

Making White Christian America More American THAN EVER!!!!!

All Hail Great Leader!!!!! For Great Leader Is Great!!! He Maketh The Sun Riseth In The East!!! Because Great Leeader is Great!!! All Hail Great Leader!!!!

{ remember back in the dark days when one merely included a .sig file entry aftert the commentary, rather than spewing one's Daily Dosage Of "All Hail Great Leader!!!'s that are now required to keep one healthy and out of The Security Apparatus. }

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