drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

They May Not Be Patriotically Correctly Male Enough....

The Other evening I was having a technical discussion about the market position of various Video Media formating specifications, such as the vintage and classical "Beta v. VHS" as a contextual frame work within which to debate the Go Forward Strategy for things like "Blu-Ray" et al.

I was reaching for one of the unpleasant realities espoused by A PhD Friend of one of my Evil Liberal Co-Workers, namely that the market driver has been the Porno Industry - and was going there by way of a reference to Fist Times At Ridgemont High. Yes, Yes, the One With Spicoli and Mr. Hand.

But then for some reason my Friend had NO IDEA who Phoebe Cates was, let alone the Vintage Classic And Imortal Swimming Pool Scene!!!

She of course noted that Nope, she really did not recall that actress or the scene, it was not one of those memorable moments for her. She had seen mammaries before and therefore did not take much stock in the Typical Red Hollywood Propoganda....


Are All Non-Male-Perkin this Anti-American????

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