drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Grreat Leader Wins War In Space!!!!

All Hail Great Leader's Glorious Military Victory In Space!!!! (that should be read with the voice construct as used when Shilling Ms. Piggy, and the whole thing about "Pigs In Space" - but more Up Beat, and Much More Patriotically Corrector Than Thou!!!)
UNITED States President George Bush has signed a revised space policy that sets defence as a priority and rejects negotiations that might limit US flexibility in space, The Washington Post has reported.

The document, released earlier this month with no announcement, emphasises security issues. Mr Bush's top goals, as stated in the document, were to "strengthen the nation's space leadership and ensure that space capabilities are available in time to further US national security, homeland security, and foreign policy objectives" and to "enable unhindered US operation in and through space to defend our interest there," the Post reported on Wednesday.

[ cf US shifts space focus to security ]
That will Clearly Turn BACK the evil allies of the Iranian Flying Saucers.....

All Hail Great Leader And Great Leaders Grerat And Glorious Military Victory In Space!!!!

{ failure to comply with the National Day Of Torture's Mandated Number Of Great Leader Praising can lead to sudden death, internment, or failure to have been an effective part of the flow of history!!! So Get Your "All Hail Great Leader" Praises In Early And OFTEN!!! Or the Terrorists WIN!!!! }

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