drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Does The Evil Liberal Media Hate America?

Law enforcement agents broke up a Colombian money-laundering ring Wednesday, arresting 26 people in three countries and seizing more than $16.5 million in cash and drugs, drug enforcement officials said.

Arrests were made in Bogota and Cali, Colombia; New York, New Jersey, Florida and London, according to Drug Enforcement Administration officials.
U.S. agents obtained seizure warrants for bank accounts throughout the United States that they said had been used to aid the laundering. Colombian agents conducted 24 searches in Bogota and Cali.

[ cf Agents break up money-laundering ring ]
But where is the Torture???

On the day after National Torture Day, shouldn't this article have been extolling the Great Virtue of the National Torture Day !!! That were it not for the New Imperial Divine Powers of the right to torture anyone anywhere, the Evil Imaginary Monsters would Keep On Growing Out there!!!!

And what is this with obtaining Seizure warrents!?!

Hello!!! What sort of Pro-Terrorist Propoganda is this to assert that Law Enforcement Personnel should be acting as if this were the Failed Dark Days of Pre-911 when Law Enforcement Personnel were constrained of the law????

Where is the Great Loyalty and Gushing Love For Great Leader!!!

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