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More Being All You Can Be....

Pyongyang, October 13 (KCNA) -- U.S. Congress recently adopted an act on dealing with "suspects in terrorism," which is an outright challenge to the world community demanding a halt to the encroachment upon the rights of prisoners. Rodong Sinmun today says this in a signed commentary.
The adoption of the act is a criminal document legalizing the GIs' violations of human rights as evidenced by its clauses, the news analyst notes, and goes on:
This act allows any military trial of "suspected terrorists" even in the absence of clear evidence and any practices to wrest testimonies from them by force. In particular, it does not call for taking any legal action against those who abuse human rights in the course of torturing and interrogating "suspected terrorists."
It is not hard to guess what the U.S. has sought in the adoption of such highhanded act. Through this the U.S. seeks to justify and incite its imperialist aggression forces' human rights abuses and punish a great many innocent people on charges of being "suspected terrorists" in a bid to whip up an atmosphere of terror in the international community. Their ulterior motive is to escalate the "war on terrorism" to realize its design for world domination.
The U.S. desperate efforts to attain its aims for aggression and domination through such act will only reveal its true colors as the world's worst abuser of human rights and invite its international isolation and worldwide condemnation.
Its arbitrary and highhanded practices are the root cause of wrecking global peace and stability and challenging international justice.

[ cf U.S. Violation of Human Rights Flailed ]
Has the punchline changed?

Back a few days ago, the punchline had been that the Dateline was Pyongyang in Korea...

The Happy Moment is that we All Now Love Great Leader!!!!! Because Great Leader Is Great!!! Great Leader Makes The Sun To Rise In The East!!! We all Love Great Leader!!! Because Great Leader Is Great!!!

And to think that at one time the NoKo's Prided themselves on sucking Up to their LittleGreatLeader!!! Well Now they Can Just Choke On Our GreatGreatLeader!!! For He Is All Greater Than Their Great Leader!!! For Our Great Leader has brought Us the Most Glorious Of All Glorious National Day Of Torture!!!! For Our Great Leader Is a Great Great Leader!!! And Greater a Great Leader than the NoKo's Punny Little LittleGreatLeader!!!

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