drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Odd Thoughts In Art...

While pulling together a comment on the catastrophy of Contemporary SF - I wanted a reference to the Non-Fiction Book I am reading - The Battle For Spain which lead me to notice that in Europe, they are marketting the cover that shows that the Soldier has a Grenade in his hand.

While in America, the Land of The VOCHAS, we get No Grenades Please, we are scared Americans who are clearly not sure what 'war like operational event sequences' would be like, if we had to send in the nice kids from the burbs, rather than those SkinHead NeoNazi Types that we are so glad the military is giving waivers to....

But that later part is, well, an issue in itself.

Or is that the Really Ugly Part of Art???

Maybe it is time for The Pissant Dillitantism of the Internal Identity Politics of the SF v. Fantasy v. Literary Gaming to get OVER the unpleasantry of their 'market share' snivelling and start dealing with getting Past their Roots in the 30's Style Technocracy - Props to autopope - for his wonderful insight into Science Fiction, that will oblige me to think more about it as a Socio-Political Activity, on par with the Rest of the Evil Terrorist Tricks that are the inevitable follow on from merely reading and writing without Direct Supervision by the Department Of Homeland Security....
Tags: art, war

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