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But Are They Real[dm] Christians???

Ok, so we are going to have to deal with the HORRORS of the Evil Leftist Liberal Radical Extremists Media MeatPuppets and their Vicious and Brutal War on our White Christian America.
It just Has to happen.

Take for instance:
The blackened shells of five cars still sit in front of the Church of the Virgin Mary here, stark reminders of a bomb blast that killed two people after a recent Sunday Mass.

In the northern city of Mosul, a priest from the Syriac Orthodox Church was kidnapped last week. His church complied with his captors’ demands and put up posters denouncing recent comments made by the pope about Islam, but he was killed anyway. The police found his beheaded body on Wednesday.
Christianity took root here near the dawn of the faith 2,000 years ago, making Iraq home to one of the world’s oldest Christian communities. The country is rich in biblical significance: scholars believe the Garden of Eden described in Genesis was in Iraq; Abraham came from Ur of the Chaldees, a city in Iraq; the city of Nineveh that the prophet Jonah visited after being spit out by a giant fish was in Iraq.

Both Chaldean Catholics and Assyrian Christians, the country’s largest Christian sects, still pray in Aramaic, the language of Jesus.

[ cf Iraq’s Christians Flee as Extremist Threat Worsens ]
Well, yes, that has got to suck.

But since these are not White Christian American Americans - can they actually be RealChristians[dm]??? Or merely one more Dangerous Radical Anti-American Cult???

This is probably a harsh approach to take here, some might argue, as if we were NOT in the Middle of a Holy Crusade, and as if we were in any way, as a nation, interested in retreating into the Dark Days of Pre-911 world. But as everyone knows, Nope. We are in a Holy Crusade - Congress has just added to the Powers of a 'war president' to torture anyone, anywhere, for opposing great Leader - so it is clearly NOT like anyone here is planning to retreat into the dark says before 911, when the Reign of Law, remember, ah yes, back in the old days, when 'republicans' we known as the Law and Order folks....

So folks may want to go back and revisit, oh, say, Loving v. Virginia which is normally drug out into the bright light of day by Radical Extremists in the "gay marriage" debates Terrorism as a part of some misbegotten idea that "civil rights" had some value above the Infallible Biblical Inerrancy.

Ah yes, for some of us, it IS as if it were just yesterday. Those Glorious Halcyon Days, when the Biblical Literalists were explaining to us that it was Either 'the sin of ham' or 'the sin of cain' that gets us to the fact that Negroes are not People, well, not People like White People. That they were therefore, at best, in some radical leftist liberal clique - as in Plessy v. Fergesun suppose to be treated as Separate but Equal... This central doctrine of the then "Southern Baptist" group - in fact a fundamental basis for why the Southern Branch Broke AWAY from the rest of the Baptist Conferences in the USofA - has been playing well in such issues as Christian Identity and other manifestations of Christian Dominionism.

So, well, gosh, golly, gee whillikers. Seems them thar Folks is still hot and active, even to this day. Albeit, as most folks are willing to debate Engage In Terrorism this might not be what they THOUGHT was a part of the Whole New Religious Consolidation taht would restore the Correct Implementation of the BushFish( not to be confused with The Evil And Sinister Leftist Leaning Australian God Hating America Bashers) approach to putting Religion Back into Government. Or what many of us have been aware of for years as the End of the Separation of Church And State debates Terrorism.

But now might well be a Gooder Time to start sorting out whom the Real Terrorists really are, and more importantly why we MUST have a True Red, White, and Blue, All American Church as the framework for not only our Own American Christianity, but our own White Christian America.

I can and do appreciate that with the flood of "Democrats For Nixon" into the GOP, that it is not quite as popular to raise the old Anti-Papists arguments that were run at JFK by Hard Corp True Believers. But suffice it to say, can we REALLY take the risk of allowing Americans to suffer under the dual citizenship of being Papists Owing an Allegience to the Bishop of Rome, and at the same time trying to uphold their Patriotic Duty to God's Only True Religion!?! Short, sweat, and to the point. It worked with the "jewish question" in america, right up until the Evils of Red Hollywood put forward such Communist Propoganda as Gentleman's Agreement (1947) - which of course played on all of the Emotionalism of the German Jewish Question.

In like manner, so many of the so called "main stream" churches, Luthern ( State Church of German and Norway, to name two ) should actually be obliged to register as a Lobbyist Group for a Foreign Nation, and hence as TERRORIST! Which adds the big laugher to HanoiAnnieCoulter's recent SoulLess giggle that the Jews are Christian, HA! and that the Episcopaleans are not. Since, well, like so many things, HanoiAnnieCoulter forgot that the Episcopaleans already dealt with the legal liability to the Bishop Of Catebury, and hence to any alledged obligation to the Vicar Of Christ - which as we all know is the Crown of England, and not the Bishop of Rome. So we MIGHT be able to keep them, IF they are willing to purge all of their Weakling EuroInclinations and adopt ONLY the True Vicarage Of Christ, which must clearly Be Great Leader!!!

The Presbyterians, as everyone knows are the State Church of Scottland. The methodists are Anglican++, also known as the Object Oriented Anglicans, so they are only one Universal Method Throw away from being Openly Anti-American.

We can of course keep on that train ruling out all of the God Hating America Bashers, including the Mormons, who would of course want to make a pitch that they have the street cred to be THE American Christian Chruch - but of course everyone knows that they are a dangerous unamerican cult, I mean just whip out any chic track to get the Good news.

Some might similarly argue that we could form this based upon say the Radical Left Wing Extremists like Pat Robertson, but Hello Boys And Girls, didn't Dear Old Pat disagree with Great Leader???? hence, there is no question that he is a Terrorist.

Some might go with say jerry Fallwell, but he is, while born again, not Truly as born again, as if he were a member of the Truer Pentacolstalist Branches of the True American Christianity. And yes, there was that time when he was in bed with Pat Robertson in his disagreement with Acts of Terrorism Against Great Leader. So Nope. Right Out.

So clearly this is something that will require that we first have some Serious Kabuki Theatre Performances about why we need to have the Department of True Amercian Christianity as a wholely owned Subsidiary of the State Security Apparatus. What better place to put the National Security Concerns about True Religion??? Besides the president has the authorization to deeal with any Enemies of the State, Fellow Travellors, and, well, gosh, all of the Above Named Terrorists.

Yes, Yes, Oh Painfullly Yes!!!

We have all heard the Excuses. You knew someone who was an EnemyOfTheState but that they are not really bad people. Why you might even say that they were one of the nicest folks, or a personal friend. That this should some how lead to some sort of exemption. That there should be some way to buy a dispensation for these EnemyCombatants who have so openly OPPOSED GREAT LEADER because they are unwilling to bring their Blood Sacrifices to the True High Alter of our White Christian America.

But think of it!!! No longer will americans have to suffer through all of that Arabic Hatred that we are Persecuting them because they are Muslim! Now more than ever, they will understand that we are in a Crusade against ALL Manifestations of Anti-Americanism, for such is the hatred of the evil doers who do not accept that there can be But One True And Only White Christian America!!!

And Jesus Gave US the BOMB because he knew we were qooler than everyone else!!!!

So All Hail Great Leader!!! For Great Leader Is Great!!! He Maketh The Sun Riseth In The East and Setteth In the West!!! And He Knows the True Doctrines Of God!!! And Is THE HOLY ATTONEMENT FOR ALL OF THE SINS OF THOSE WHOM GOD HAS DECREED WILL BE SAVED!!!
Yup, the rest of you are going to be burning in the sulfourous Pits of Gehehna, in this life and the next, so learn to deal with it.
And All is Great For Great Leader's Greatness Shines Down Upon Us!!!
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