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Konkidenk Or Konspirakii - you....

A Houston judge Tuesday vacated Enron founder Kenneth Lay's fraud and conspiring convictions from the company's 2001 collapse, citing Lay's inability to appeal, according to a court administrator.

Lay, 64, died in July from severe coronary artery disease in Aspen, Colo., as he was awaiting sentencing, according to Dr. Robert Kurtzman.

Judge Sim Lake's decision terminates the criminal case against Lay and its affects on his estate, which was left to Lay's wife, Linda.

[ cf Ken Lay's conviction tossed out by judge ]

Because he can not appeal.... the case is tossed out.... Interesting.

And on the same day that Great Leader signs the National Torture Anyone Anywhere Bill!!! And goes to court to seeek a way to get more stays on the possible convictions of persons whom the government may just have to vanish rather than well, deal with them falling into the hands of those Evil Black Robed Judicial Tyrannts....

All Hail Great Leader!!! For Great Leader Is Great!!!

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