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UnHoly Black Robed Judicial Tyranny!!!

The Missouri Supreme Court struck down the state's new voter identification law Monday that would have required voters to show a photo ID card at the polls starting this fall.

A lower judge ruled last month that the ID requirement was an unconstitutional infringement on the fundamental right to vote. The state Supreme Court agreed in a 6-1 unsigned opinion.
Other states' voter identification laws have also been challenged in court this year.

Earlier this month, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals blocked enforcement of Arizona's voter ID law; the state attorney general on Friday petitioned the Supreme Court to allow it to require photo IDs during the election.

In Georgia, a judge in September struck down as unconstitutional the latest version of that state's photo ID requirement. A majority of the elections board members said they disagreed with the ruling, but the board said it wouldn't try to have it overturned before the November election.

[ cf Mo. high court strikes down voter ID law ]
What NEXT!!!

Demand that American Law Is Legal In America????

Don't These Black Robed Judicial Tyrannts KNOW that we are in the Greatest Of All Holy Crusades, and that these are times when the people must understand that things are Totally Different From The Times when the EVIL LIBERALS were destroying Our White Christian America!!!

Don't they understand that One EITHER Supports Great Leader!!! Or One is in league with Satan!!!

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