drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

French Double Agent Unmasked!


Who would have thought it, now Wilson is suppose to be Insp. Jacques Clouseau, the Great French Double Agent, evil_liberal_site_opposing_the_obvious - which I found because of tongodeon has been trying to remember which side of the "we do not support torture, but do not want to be held accountable" line he really wants to belong on....

I think that the DixieCratsForNixon are just a bit uneasy about the fact that france is stuck in the sixties right now, getting its chance to do the combo Watts, Detrait, ... Race Riots. So of course Wilson has to be French, because, uh, uh, they are the Evil Ones.... Oh sorry, forgot we are not suppose to play the 'race card' since, well, uh, it's important to get to the bottom of who leaked that we had Secret Torture Facilities overseas - unlike, when, well, gosh, we burn our OWN CIA ASSETS for strictly domestic political gain, because the BAD PERSON was so bad that he actually did what Dick Cheney told him to do - and that unfortunately was a complete failure because Wilson gave the VP the actual answer and not the Patriotically Correct One!

So now more than ever we must redouble our effort to unmask more of the Evil French Double Agents who are in our midst working on providing Actual Answers and not merely Patriotically Correct ONES!!!!

I mean if we do not stop the French, we will be awash in a SEA of Gay HomoSexual Zombie Pirate Marrriage Initiatives... ARRGH.

Oh, yes, and 'snakes on planes', without which those other bad things would happen....

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