drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Get Marrried Or BOMB CANADA!!!!

It is by no means dead, but for the first time, a new survey has shown that traditional marriage has ceased to be the preferred living arrangement in the majority of US households.
The findings, which were released in August but largely escaped public attention until now because of the large volume of data, indicated that marriage did not figure in nearly 55.8 million American family households, or 50.2 percent.
Unmarried couples gravitated toward big cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, while the farm states in the Great Plains and rural communities of the Midwest and West remained bastions of traditionalism, according to the survey.

[ cf For first time, unmarried households reign in US ]

Americans must choose!!! Can we suffer through MORE of the Same old Failed Klintonesta Anti-Family, Anti-American Dogma of The Demonic Leftist Leaning Evil Doing Evil Doers!!!!

Or is now more than ever the Time when All Americans will back the Greatest Ariel Bombardment of A HEATHEN NATION, EVER!!!

Update: don't you hate those, forgot to close some html tag moments.... I mean, do we NEEED to have any more proof that this is all a part of the Growing And Sinister Dark And Evil Web Of Iranian Mental Floss....
Tags: bomb_canada, war

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