drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Sweden Punks Self In WhateverOnWhomever

Sweden's new center-right government got off to a rocky start, with two ministers resigning within 10 days after revealing dark secrets from their past.

Their downfall _ unpaid TV licenses and illegally hired nannies _ was perpetuated by their upper class status and dealt a bitter lesson to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt: There's nothing the tax-burdened Swedes despise more than when the privileged cheat the system.
Every household with a TV set is required to pay the annual fee of about $200, which is the main source of funding for Sweden's public radio and television. Many believe Stego Chilo refused to pay the fee on ideological grounds.
Stego Chilo's resignation came just two days after Trade Minister Maria Borelius dropped out of the Cabinet on similar allegations, causing embarrassment for Reinfeldt's four-party coalition that took power Oct. 6 and ended 12 years of Social Democratic rule.

[ cf 2 resignations rock Swedish government ]
Ah Yes, those now bygone years....

Remember when it was considered BAD form to actually engage in criminal conduct.

One has to respect the new Swedish NeoConWannabeClownCarCrew for, well doing their best to ape their UberFreaks in the USofA, but, let us be honest, this is such a Swedish Failure to GetItOn!!!

But I guess that is why Sweden is still not running the Greatest Holiest Of All Crusades against Imaginary Weapon Systems of the world!!!

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