drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Speaking Of Hawai'i

Has anyone else noticed how well the MONOLITHIC EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA is covering up the Attack by Iranian Flying Saucers!!!!

Yeah, Right, Earth Quake, oooh!!!! Let us blame this On GOD!!!! Because God sent Earth Quakes to Booga-Booga the land of O'hana, because, what? Not enough Spam in his Plate Lunch!!!!

Hello!!!! Hello Evil Liberal Media MeatPuppet!!! You like Fresh Off The BOAT or what!!!!

Any GOD FEARING RED BLOODED ALL AMERICAN KNOWS that this is just one more case of the Evil Liberal Media Covering Up the HORRROR of Iranian Flying Sauccers Come Back to PUNISH AMERICA because of Hitlary and Her RadFemiSurfNazi's who are trying to Destroy Our White Christian America!!!!

So remember boys and girls, as you go to the Polls to prove that You have always SUPPORTED THE GREATEEST MILITARY LEADER EVER!!!! You can either Vote Correctly, or the IRANIAN FLYING SAUCERS WILL RETURN!!!

Also, voting for the wrong selection, is a CRIME!!! And People Who ENGAGE in such batant acts of Supporting The Terrrorists WILL BE PERSECUTED!!!! Because This WILL go down on your permenant record!!!

Have A Nice Day...

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