drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Winning Against WhatEver....

Ok, just when you think the Post Surrealist Thing could not become any more MainStreamer, here we wind up with the BushFish ( via mazarinade ) - and learn that in the New Post Surrealists World they are very serious about the need for a One True And ONLY "White Christian America" - that American America!!!

With True American Christians...

Who understand that the Argument From Intelligent Design gets us STRAIGHT to the Divine Decider....

Ok, so I must confess, yes, this is JUST ONE MORE clear and compelling reason to BOMB CANADA!!!

SuperSekretSubText: I personally BLAME tomscud for the existence of mazarinade, which well,
gosh, yes, actually establishes that we must Bomb Canada!!! now MORERER than everERER before!!!
Tags: bomb_canada, war

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