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But is it a Bad Thing????

A coroner ruled Friday that U.S. forces in Iraq unlawfully killed a British television journalist by shooting him in the head as he lay in the back of a makeshift ambulance during the opening days of the war.

The widow of reporter Terry Lloyd called for the perpetrators to be prosecuted for the "despicable, deliberate, vengeful act." And Deputy Coroner Andrew Walker said he would ask the attorney general to take steps to bring to justice those responsible for the death.

[ cf Coroner: U.S. forces killed TV reporter ]
There was a time when americans MIGHT have believed the DOD's Party Line of
"The Department of Defense has never deliberately targeted noncombatants, including journalists," the Pentagon said. "We have always gone to extreme measures to avoid civilian casualties and collateral damage.
( op cit )
Which is sorta kinda technical truthier - since, well the Department actually doesn't do much of anything, but there is that question about members of the Actual American Armed Forces who wind up forward deployed into areas, some of which congress will stipulate are worthy of Acquiring a variation on the Hazardous Duty Pay, and/or such other compensations as would approximate being near or towards a place where it was a 'war like thingie'.

But should any of that really matter much to anyone anyway???

I mean in america we have decided we are a nation of Persons, and what ever great leader says he will personally protect you from, you can take it to the bank he will keep that word to you, until such time as it would be inconvenient.

So why Worry? Be Happy!!!

If you are not dead, you might not be a terrorist....

But, hey, why not just Bomb Canada to be sure...
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