drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Oh Mine Gott im Himmel The God Hating America Bashers are back....

"If you are getting the idea that gay Republicans may be closeted Democrats, then you are beginning to understand how the Mark Foley scandal could have been a Democratic Party dirty trick."

"One veteran observer of this network told AIM that the Foley scandal should make it crystal clear that the gay Republicans are in reality 'liberal activists' who want to use the party to advance the same homosexual agenda embraced by the Democrats."

[ cf Republican Gays are Closeted Dems ]

I mean can folks really take these DRAFT DODGERS seriously???

Are they officially Bouncing Andrew Sullivan from their play house??? Are they going to get up off their Pretty Little Toochies and into the So Called "war" - or is that too more just closet Klintonesta-Isms that no one really took seriously, because, well, it's not like America was attacked on 09/11/2001....

So why don't we all just get together and sing a few chorus's of Praise to Great Leader!!! Who is Great! And A Leader and An ER!!!

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