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Support The Psychotic Behavior Of Your Choice...

Meanwhile out there we are still trying to work out whether the Booga-Booga of the North Korean Failure to actually get their Super Sekret Space Ray Death Sheild Laser MouseKeteer Light Saber And Swiss Army Bicyle to Fandango.... is, uh, well, the SINGULARLY MOST SCARIEST EVENT EVER!!!!

And at the same time we have the Drudge Report Pimping a Video Meme about how it is all Clinton's Fault - with the Psycho-Dynamics that it was flatulated out under an ad for 'Man of the year' - which of course makes things way too freaky - what with the alledged synopsis being that we accidentally elect a president because americans give up any hope/faith in the political parties, and the Computer Glitch in the Automated Voting System goes whacky....

But rather than be rude and go to Druge, catch it in a more Post Surealist Position:
The Video can safely be found at: Scary Spot With Video
from the socialist Worker's Paradise Of Sweden!!!

After which, one is MORALLY OBLIGED to watch The Daily Show, Korean Style.

Eat Hot Flaming Laser death Leftist Liberal Puppets....

And MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL!!!! People Must Praise Great Leader for Keeping US SAFE from those Iranian Flying Saucers!!!!

So either we must PUNISH the Clintonesta Of Old for being more Klintonesta than the Current Klintonesta, or we must, gosh, what must we do these days???

We must Praise Great Leader And Pooh Pooh the Evil Doing Evil Doers!!!!

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