drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why DOES Condi Hate America????

Or Does She Just Love The NoKo's Morer?
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the United States won't attack North Korea.

Appearing on CNN, Rice rejected a suggestion that Pyongyang may feel it needs nuclear weapons to stave off an Iraq-style US invasion.

Rice says President Bush has told the North Koreans "there is no intention to invade or attack them.

So they have that guarantee."

"I don't know what more they want,” she said.

Rice says Mr. Bush "never takes any of his options off the table."

But she adds there's no invasion plan.

Rice also rejects direct talks with North Korea.

[ cf US Won’t Invade North Korea, Rice Says ]
Well that makes things so much clearer....

If North Korea was an unarmed Iraq, and we needed the votes in the Bi-Election, then we would of course be rumbling to Invade Korea for having a name too Close To Koran for the comfort of Most Folks!!! Not because the Evil Liberal Truman coined the phrase "Police Action" as the Excuse that Evil Liberals use when Invading Countries that we are not at war with...

Or is it the other way around - since, well, clearly since the President has never taken any options off the table, we would not invade because we would just start nuking first and worry about the details while the Whiners in the Evil Liberal Media MeatPuppetry were wondering how exactly they were going to live down having missed the first accidental wall to wall nuking of a nation.

Or does Condi really mean to say that the president is planning to invade Canada!!! Because it too has a "K" like as in Korea and Koran, and it is a really dangerous and scary place....

What DID Condi Really Mean....
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