drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Firefly Episodes I Undt II

Ok, which one of you Drug Addled Puppet Toadies of the Effemete East Coast Wimp Liberal Red Hollywood Elitist Clique is going to explain to me which stoner Loser came up with FireFly as the typical Anti-Clinton Propoganda Machine bent upon spewing God Hating America Bashing Propoganda about this hard corp collection of Moral Perverts and Social Derilicts meandering aimlessly through the Galaxy in their Firefly Class Space Junk Freighter!

I mean, hello!!! Don't these folks know that the whole World Has Changed and it takes more than mere hatred of the Clinton's to be a Major Playher on the World Stage these Days!!! One needs to know how to deal with grave global threats like failed nuclear weapons testing by the Under Study to the Puppet From "Team America" that sings "I'm so lonely".....

What were people thinking when they put this series together and pitched it to the Evil Fox Empire, which already has such stunning SitComs in it's collection like "The Bill O'Reilly's Fun House", "Hannity and Colmes Qool Out", what ever would they need one more show that was simply one long string of Booga Booga Moments, without actually saying, "Oh GOD Hitlary and Her RadFemiNazi's Have destroyed our white christian America!!!"

It may turn out that there is more to this show, but so far....

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