drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Oh The SilliNeff Factor....

Hum... Could the massive amount of Kabuki Theatre Performances play acting like there was any concern about 'torture' have finally unsprung Senator McCain's mind???

I mean blaming the clintons this many years into the current administration... WHO does he think he is conning now???

Or is it one more case of the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA covering up the Dark Nightmare that if ONLY President Hitlary and her RadFemiNazi's after the coup of 2012 had only been willing to do their part with the super special time machine and gone back and prevented the grand national folly that became the post-millenial emotional trauma....

I mean, it is always Possible the the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA is covering up the True Dark Horrors of the Dark and Sinister Web of Iranian Mental Floss.

It could happen....

Oh hold it, we elected Hitlary and her RadFemiNazi's back in 2000, yeah, that's the ticket, it doesn't require any massive fictional time machine that failes to do the right thing from the future.... If there has ever been any proof why this NATION can not tolerate electing members of the Effemete East Coast Wimps, it is the complete FAILURE of the RadFemiNazi's to protect us from the whirling seas of Ikky Yukky Poohpers out there...

Or is it really that in the current world, it is better to have a Nuclear Device on hand, as it will prevent the americans from accidentally sending in troops to seek to restore the wetlands.... Why Gosh, just like Pakistan and India....

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