drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Can Hastert REALLY do the Bush Bugaloo???

Hum, when Hastert asserts
House Speaker Dennis Hastert said Tuesday he'll dismiss anyone on his staff found to have covered up concerns about ex-Rep. Mark Foley's approaches to former pages.

Hastert said he huddled with his staff last week and in that, in hindsight, the situation could have been better handled.

But he added, "If they did cover something up, then they should not continue to have their jobs."

[ cf Hastert: Anyone Hiding Page Issue Leaves ]
Should americans really believe this???

Should they believe it any more than when Dubya did the DiscoDuck about firing anyone who had been involved with Leaking the ID of a CIA Operative - only to find out that the calls for leaking came from the white house - and then of course the call to firing really had meant that there was no comment pending the conclusion of all of the actual legal investigation, as it was not yet clear whether the President Could or SHOULD be held legally liabel for the commission of Felonies...

Besides, does Hastert really have the Moral Courage to put any type of distance between himself and his actions, and his greed for the Cash Cow that was ex-Rep. Mark Foley's ability to raise money for the Party!!!!
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