drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

the 9/11 Commision Was NOT a white Wash!!!

I should start by offering up mad Prop's for Mojo's La Cage Aux Foley Clang in Real Work at Hand... since it really does give the Great Spin to the wonders of Modern American Art, where Reality keeps impersonating Art, as a direct attack on the Copyright Principles..... I think it will help most folks to just go for the whole Foley Does Gene Hackman in Drag Dancing his way out from under the lenses of the political paparatzi!!!

In similar happy thoughts, one really does have compliment FireDogLake: NRCC Uses Small Children As Human Shields. Since, Wow!!! Now there is the level of Moral Courage we have grown to expect from the whole Culture Of Death that is the Living Embodiment of the Cut And Runners who are the God Hating America Bashers who ran away from the "war" long before they even knew that they were running...

But I must take Mojo to task on his assertion
So the 9/11 commission was even more of a white wash than initially thought.

It appears that George Tenet has chosen his time to strike very well. So now we have something of a confirmation that the National Security team not only had advanced warning of the 9/11 attack, but then started firing people who complained about their inattention to it, like Richard Clarke.

( op cit )
Hello!!! Hello!!! Hello!!!

Of all of the play pretend acts of looking like they cared or were concerned, why should the 9/11 Commission's Fabulous Fiction be any less Truthier than say DisneyLand's "Path to 9/11" - I mean do you want this nation to retreat into the dark night of the Failed Liberalism of pre-911 culture where facts were considered actual things, rather than dangerous Terroristical Weapons Of DOOM!!!!

This is exactly why the President NEEDS VIDEODROME!!! now more than ever!!! If the president is prevented from torturing anyone he wants any time he wants, how are americans going to be protected from the growing threat that american may yet back slide into the Dark Horror of A Fact Based Society!!! Thinnk of the Innocent CHildren!!!

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