drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Do The Cut And Runners Want To Install Anti-Talibani???

Which ever is Frist's real position, one will enjoy the Christian Science Monitor's Comedic Take on Frist says Afghan war can't be won militarily since those wacky comedic Cut And Runners are talking about an "end game" for the American Time In Afghanistan.....

As if they can skip over the Transition of Command In Afghanistan - from an american Show to one being run by the NATO Command... Which is just so cute, some may recall back in the First Klintonesta Regime there was the Concern from Pat Robertson and Kult, about the "Specialist New" case where working in any sort of Joint Operations Command was some sort Of Anti-Americanism..... Woo Hoo, He now has his own web site as noted by Jeff Lindsay and things are sorta looking up - wow - five years of the current regime and the kids fortune is only 'sorta looking up'. Makes one wonder why he is not getting the sort of support from the Pro-War Crowd as they had hoped and expected when the Shrub was elected. Gosh, could it be, that were the American Regime to back the claims of the Specialist New Case, that more americans would be able to bail out of military service in Afghanistan.

Ah yes... one has Got to love the grand comedy of the NeoConClownShow as they try to preach as if the notion of "Separation of Church And State" were a valuable idea - for those Darkies Overseas - but not the sort of thing one would Embrace here In White Christian America.

So who knows, maybe some folks are not willing to keep on keeping on in Afghanistan until the last enemy of the state has been irradicated. But can we as truly patriotic americans support such Cut And Run Dogma??? Especially after all of the people we have tortured and killed to make Afghanistan the Model of The Modern American Outpost of Freedom beseiged on all sides by the Forces Of Darkness and Evil!!!

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