drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Or Why We MUST have More FoleyGate Follies

The alternative would be to get bogged down in the dark horror of what is actually going On. I highly recommend digby's take on Bad memories where he notices that while the current regime is trying to Whine About Bob Woodward's Book, and with it the hope that majikally americans will NOW believe the new and improved story, that the CIA had no idea that there were ever any threats out there, things in the actual flow of history were different.

Put your thinking caps on here kids.

How is it that not only Did Tenant Call the emergency briefing about the terrorist threats in July of 2001, but gosh, that was back when the CIA, et al, were still under the legal constraints of not being allowed to Torture People!!! Gosh, Golly, Shock!!! Shock!!! But I guess I really like the dig:
Julia has more on this and points out that Ashcroft slashed funding for terrorism after he had these briefings. Maha notes that nobody has yet adequately explained why Ashcroft stopped flying on commercial airplanes during the period except to say he was worried for his personal safety.
[ op cite ]
Ah yes... those halcyon days....

Back when it was merely about fixing all of the errors that had occurred since the Reagan Regime failed to get it right the first time.

And Now Back to the regularly scheduled Sex Scandal - and then more VideoDrome!!!!! Since, everyone loves HypnoToad!!!! And now we can have it all, Sex, Torture, Patriotism!!! Because HypnoToad says it is SO!!!!

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