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Gay rights (meme)

Komrade Party Leader autopope meme-d:
"Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?" - Ernest Gaines

We would like to know who really believes in gay rights on LiveJournal. There is no bribe of a miracle or anything like that. If you truly believe in gay rights, then repost this and title the post as "Gay Rights". If you don't believe in gay rights, then just ignore this. Thanks.

(via autopope via triciasullivan and tamaranth.)

Update: why does the storm in a teacup surrounding this remind me of Catch-22? It's a loyalty oath, folks, is what it boils down to. And I'm sufficiently insecure to feel the need to salute the flag once in a while. YMMV.
I just love the catch-22 factor here in the loyalty oath!!!

But what most folks do NOT seem to grok in all of this is that the protection of 'civil rights' - even IF the person is gay - defends not only 'gays' - but also those whom the HomoPhobic would presume are 'gay'. So one of the real questions here is whether or not one is Supporting "Gay Rights" or more accurately,
The Rights Of Those Who Might Be Considered Gay Irregardless of their Actual Gender Affectional Preference
Which really is NOT quite as emotionally reassuring a notion to the Typical VOCHAS Draft Dodging Woosie White Boy who was hoping to get a social leg up by being Anti-TheyThemThoseFolks.... Which on some weeks is the code word for gays.
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