drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Got Sex Scandal???

Then one has to wonder what digby meant when referencing
Goldenberg is most personally engaged -- aside, perhaps, from his episodes on Paul Martin -- when he describes Chrétien's post-9/11 sessions with U.S. President George W. Bush, understanding that his boss's decision to decline a role in Iraq -- whether ultimately right or ultimately wrong -- would define Chrétien's foreign-policy legacy. He is as candid here, portraying the "West Texan," as he is elsewhere reserved. "If I catch anyone who leaks in my government," Bush tells Chrétien in March, 2002, "I would like to string them up by the thumbs -- the same way we do with prisoners in Guantanamo."
[ cf Chrétien's Machiavelli (emphasis mine) ]
Ah yes, those halcyon days back when the president was so upset that someone had Blown the Cover on a CIA asset....

Ah yes, back before the President NEEDed not only the National Torture Bill, but also the current Keeping White Christian America White And Christian.

did any of you folks track say S.3696??? The ACLU Whine

you may have been following is as HR 2679 A happier vision of the happineff or are folks finally ready to accept that they always felt that both The Evil Black Robed Judical Activists Terrorist Thuggery, as embodied in "Brown v. Board of Education" and "Loving v. State Of Virginia" should be allowed to stand in the Current Holy Crusade???

We can only hope that as more Americans Accept that it was and always has been Our White Christian America, they will be better prepared to be
more Patriotic And More American Than Ever!!!

Hey, would Yom Kippur, Which ends at sundown this evening, would be such a Lovely Day to help all of the Non-White Christains REPENT for having
opposed the Greatest Of All Military Leaders, EVER!!! By failing to BE a white christian american in a time of transferring the tax liability unto the Unborn!

Hum... Or maybe a Good Old Sex Scandal to start out the Holy Pogrom Against Those Who Are Not Like Us!!!

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