drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Got October Surprise.....

Six-term Republican Rep. Mark Foley of Florida resigned from the U.S. Congress on Friday following reports he sent sexually inappropriate e-mails to underage congressional interns.

Foley, chairman of the House caucus on missing and exploited children, said he would resign immediately after ABC News reported he sent messages to current and former congressional pages with repeated references to sexual organs and acts.

"Today I have delivered a letter to the Speaker of the House informing him of my decision to resign from the U.S. House of Representatives, effective today," Foley said in a statement.

"I am deeply sorry and I apologize for letting down my family and the people of Florida I have had the privilege to represent."

[ cf Republican Foley resigns US House seat ]
Well, ok, so it is not like as if they Found Bin Laden Or Anything....

But it does make me wonder which will be the real october surprise.

or is that really just the tragedy here.... after the
We Can Torture Anyone Bill
gets to the president's desk, and he signs off on it, with the appropriate signing statement that will indicate that he does not feel that he is constrained by any portion of the law that he does not believe would apply to ghe Great Leader, that there is little left that can or should surprise americans...

Hum, speaking of which, should americans support the
National Shoot The Enemies Of The State On The Street Bill
that will decriminalize the shooting of enemies on the street, as long as anyone in the crowd who was involved in the shooting can firmly assert that they were reasonably convinced that there had at some time been something akin, or almost like, a lawful order, given by an appropriate Lawful Officer, Or Divine Will, or merely the Follow Through From The Argument From Intelligent Design that the person could have been, or might at some future time, become an actual or imaginaryy enemy of the state, and hence should be pre-emptively prevented from such evil as might occur.

Or would that be just a little over the top for this election campaign season?

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