drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Must Bomb Canada

Well one more Hostage Taker/shooter who says he has explosives has taken over some high school in Colorado.

Would this be the wrong time to point out that Cherry Picking the NIE to avoid the Moral Obligation, the Clear And Compelling Obligation, to Bomb Canada to keep americans safe from WackJobs who take over High Schools???? I mean people can not, in light of 09/11, actually believe that these are merely Civilian Police/Law Enforcement efforts, but MUST finally accept that we are In a Complete And UnUtterable War With Canada and can do no less but to back our valiant fighting forces as they Bomb Canada to Keep America American!!!!

Anything Less and American will succcumbe to
The Dark And Sinister EVIL Web of Iranian Mental Floss
or the next draft round pick for why we are more at war than ever before! Which ever comes first.
Tags: bomb_canada

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