drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Why Does Dubya hate Jesus???

I mean, let us think about this for a moment. Clearly we all understand that we must go on sacrificing american GI's in Iraq, so that Jesus will still love us.

Or is that Gibson Quip about Mere Human Sacrifices suggesting that Sending human beings off to get killed in a useless Fiasco, well, simply sending them to a Slaughter that would Not make Jesus Happy to be able to drink their fresh blood!!!

But IF Jesus does not want these daily blood sacrifices, then why does Dubya Keep on making the Public Calls for More Blood Sacrifices???

What if the real problem with the panderers of Death And Destruction as their Only Aphrodisiac is that they are STILL afraid that if the american troops were to leave Iraq, that americans would start asking impolite questions about why the VOCHAS wanted all of those blood sacrifices in the first place!!!! That americans might ask these "no cut and run" why it is that they are still the ones leading the charge to the REAR....

Ah yes, perchance if americans could work out why Dubya Hates Jesus, they might be able to work out why they want to stay or leave....
Tags: war

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