drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Must Bomb Canada

Hum... The Evil British are suggesting:
The US has lost its status as the world's most competitive economy, according to the World Economic Forum.
The US now ranks only sixth in the body's league table of global competitiveness, behind Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Singapore.

Risks attached to the large US trade and fiscal deficits prompted its fall.

The UK has retained its place among the world's 10 most competitive economies but China, Russia and Brazil have all fallen down the rankings.

[ cf US loses top competitiveness spot ]
While over at the Mojo Wire we hear the Whining And Bleating
Great... we are officially codifying the President's ability to order acts recognizable by any sentient being on the planet as criminal acts of violence.

Wonderful compromise. We'll let the Maximum Leader, decide what is and is not torture, in exchange for indemnifying his gang for their felonious conduct, except in circumstances that would take a Hudud tribal court to convict.

[ cf Don't Worry, It's Only A Shower ]
Ah yes, always is with the Dark Side They Are!!!

Never looking at the glowing positive Up Side Here!!!!

no longer do we need to export those high paying jobs torturing people to ferrign devils who do not have Evil Like Americans Hate Evil!!!!! No More worrying about who is and who is NOT a part of
The Dark And Sinister, Evil Web Of Iranian Dental Floss
because NOW, Finally, Five Years After the Hiddeous And Heinous ATTACK by Iranian Flying Saucers, Congress and the White House have decided to join forces to Make America the Leading Economic Light in the Hot New Tech Trend In TORTURING THE INNOCENT!!!!!

Can there be any doubt any more that Since Canada Has Oil that God Has Called Us To HOLY CRUSADE AGAINST THEM!!!

It is the only way to keep America American!!!!
Tags: bomb_canada, hcaifs, war, woidf

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