drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Winning the Battle of New Orleans.

I don't mean to speak ill of the nattering nabobs of negativism, but when they started to WHINE about the arrival of the Blackwater Corp. Assault Troops into New Orleans, and the rest of the American Gulf State Region, it became clear to me that these mere Bush Bashing Bleaters of Bloveation had finally ballbusted their own apostate hatred of the Glorious Victory of the Battle of New Orleans!

Did anyone else notice that while the Welfare State Whiners were all queuing up for the National Defense Forces to rescue them from the Apocalyptic Consequences of Not Being More PATRIOTICALLY CORRECTOR THAN THOU! and their areas decended into the malstrom of the welfare state anarchy. Those provinces that had been under the protection of the Blackwater Corp. did not fall to the abomination of Al-Qaeda Backed Satanic Gay Homosexual Zombie Cyborgs commanding Iraqi Flying Saucers!!!

What better proof of concept that the Privatization of the Department of Defense will be such a Clear Win for all americans! Irregardless of race, creed, colour, nation of origin, affectional preference, or personal sexual proclivity!

Did any of the Evil Liberal Media Meatpuppets take any time out of their Hiddeous And Heinous Assault on our Great White Christian America, that was being punished for the presence of lesbians! LESBIANS! The Ungodly Bush Bashers!!! Who do not support God's Divinely Appointed Most Exalted The Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!! to even mention that such a GLORIOUS and HEROIC Victory was being Gloriously and Heroically Won by the Valiant Fighting Forces of the Blackwater Corporation in their Far More Patriotically Corrector Than Thou struggle against All Evil Everywhere!!!

Clearly this Great New Day in America will be remembered as the Shining Light of the One True And ONLY Battle of New Orleans that will ever be worth noting or remembering! For Clearly! This was the Great New Day when the Marvels of the Freemarket System slew the evil demonic forces of the vile welfare state and freed all americans from the unsightly expectation that the Federal Government should ever again waste the tax payers dollars shipping troops around to do that which the Free Market So CLEARLY does so Much Better!!!

Now More than EVER!!! All True Patriotically Corrector Than Thou Americans should be offering up blood sacrifices to the Divine Made Manifest in our midst, as the Argument from Intelligent Design So Clearly Reveals! And Thank the Divinity of the Divine Miss W for freeing the Free Market from the shackles of the evil welfare statists!!!

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