drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Those Evil Liberals, again...

I must confess that I always find tongodeon cute, especially since he puts up, The Torture Debate and it was well written, and funny in it's own right, but still the bleeding heart of one more wimp liberal who failed to comprehend that it was the "free Market" that won the cold war and will of course win the war on the
If you know what I mean.

But let us put it back into the real context, so whip out the old SnowCrash, crew, and ponder the meaning of the PostFederalist Era of America as Gooder Is Gooderer, and freer, finallly, from the growing threat of Iranian Flying Saucers, and all of that Jazz.

Oh dear, what if.... Hum The state of California is currently working out whether it wants to proceed with it's probe of HP's "investigation" into the leaks from it's board room.... especially now that HP has opted to StoneWall the process. Could it be that this is just the Tip of the Iceberg, that HP is politely presenting the Forward Progress, the New Synergies between Corporate Inquisitors and Professional Torturers, freed from the repressive constraints of Excess Governmental Regulation, and the Market Manipulations bought about by the Federal Government's former Monopoly on Who could get ahead in the whole Torture Industry!!!!

Ah yes.... many americans may wonder what was REALLY, the actual actual, behind the recent 'dragged to death' "so called murder" that occurred out in Colorada - a former Red State with clearly latent Blue Tendencies - or was this an acceptable LOSS of an information container, left at the side of the road to explain to other Information Containers, that when they are ASKED questions, it really IS in their best interests to answer, and to keep on answering, or ELSE!!!

I mean, aren't we in the current Holy Crusade Against Iranian Flying Saucers to Give The Free Market The Freedome to BE all that it can be???

And why should we allow mere 3rd world nations to be the first choice for extraordinary renditioning? To send those High Paying Jobs in the Information Extraction Industry overseas to people who are not even American!!!! Why not build up that part of the Free Market, where it can be Freer and More Marketable, and we no longer have to wait for merely the Federal Government to wanderate into the land of ExtraOrdinary, when we can just make it a postive and productive Cash Center of the Economy!!!!!

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