drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

More Reasons To Bomb Canada!!!

Well there is that issue with 'e.coli' that seems to have infected Salinas California Fresh Spinach, but of course the People In The Not Smart Part Of The Federal Government, the ones who couldn't get in on the Big Bucks Of The Coalition Provisional Assininity, decided to shut down the whole american market in Spinach.... Good Show B-String of the
NotNationalSecurityOrientedFolksWhoFailedToJoinTheGraveyTrainWithHomelandDefenseLikeRelatedActivities Like TheHolyCrusadeAgainstTerroristicalVegetation!!!
who knows, maybe next time around wee can do a better showing on why the Federal Government wanted to commit national suicide.

Hey here is an Idea - the next time there is a break out of some food born disease, why not indicate not which product is contaminated, but the general section - like shutting down the whole Vegtebale Section, Or The Meat Section, Or the Fish Section....

It is one thing to watch the WackJobSillies of the Parents who want to kidnap their 19 year old daughter to drag her off to NY to force her to get an abortion, because they do not like the father.... At least that shows folks the importance of a National Standard on Parental Notification that NEEDS to be managed by the Department of Homeland Security. Where as the FDA's failure to get a full on Approval from the Department Of Homeland Security to stop all possible Al-Qaeda Vegtables, shows that any organization not in the Department Of Homeland Security must be stopped, because they are Soft On International Terrorrist Vegtables!!!!

All of which makes clear that there is really only one choice - Bomb Canada!!!!

That will show america that we are not Soft On International Terrorist Vegtables!!!!
Tags: bomb_canada

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