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More Reasons To Bomb Canada!!!

The attorney general warned the US at the weekend that its bill to try to limit its obligations under the Geneva convention while interrogating and trying detainees risked international condemnation.

Lord Goldsmith waded into the row after a Senate committee rejected the bill and backed alternative legislation proposed by Republican senator John McCain and supported by George Bush's former secretary of state, Colin Powell.

The attorney general's comments, in a lecture to lawyers in Chicago, signal an attempt by Britain to bring the US back in line with international law. The bill follows a US supreme court ruling that the Geneva convention's prohibitions on torture apply to al-Qaida members, which the Bush administration had denied.

[ cf Guardian: Attorney general warns US on torture bill ]
SHOCK! Shock! Horror! HORROR!!!!

Ferrign Devils Attempting To USURP the Divine Will of the Divinely Appointed Divine Decider!!!!

For added flavor, one does have to wonder how this would play out in say tongodeon thread Kerry vs. Bush vs. Bush On Foreign Policy and the GROWING HORROR That there are Ferrign Devils All Around The United States of America and all of them are Surrounding America with their Anti-Americanism!!!! Made all the worse as the Evil Klintonesta noted
Q Well, recently you've also described bin Laden as a sort of modern day Hitler or Mussolini. And I'm wondering why, if you can explain why you think it's a bad idea to send more resources to hunt down bin Laden, wherever he is?

THE PRESIDENT: We are, Richard. Thank you. Thanks for asking the question. They were asking me about somebody's report, well, special forces here -- Pakistan -- if he is in Pakistan, as this person thought he might be, who is asking the question -- Pakistan is a sovereign nation. In order for us to send thousands of troops into a sovereign nation, we've got to be invited by the government of Pakistan.

( Op Cit, Emphasis in Original )
I mean how CAN americans sleep at night Knowing That the Klintonesta In The WHITE HOUSE is alllowing Ferrign Devils to resolve what is in the Best Interest Of American National Security!!!

Think of the Children!!!! The Innocent Children!!!!
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