drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Those Radical Left Wing Anti-War Peace Freak Elitists...

In an appearance on CBS's Face The Nation, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has offered a spirited defense of the Geneva Conventions, while disagreeing with President Bush on the approach to take with prisoner interrogations in the war on terror.

Citing his twenty-two years of service in the Air Force Judge Advocate General Corps, the first term senator said, "We cannot have a great nation when we start redefining who we are under the guise of redefining our law." He stated that he was not concerned about any consequences in his home state as a result of his position on legislation under consideration by the Senate.
[ cf Senator Graham offers strong defense of Geneva Convention ]

To find out that mere appealing to the Actual Law By The Radical Extremists From The Reality Based Community as a central theme of their Bush Bashing Pro-Al-Qaeda, Shove The Pretty Blonde Blue Eyed White Christian American Virgin Teen Age Girl Into The Gas Chambers And Crematoriums because they want to stab our valiant fighting forces In THE BACK!!!!

Where DO these sorts Get Off in a Time of Transferring The Tax Liabilities Unto The Unborn!!!

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