drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Are We Terrorised Yet???

Hum... here we are five plus years into the current failed Klintonesta Policy of Focusing on the Fiasco In Iraq, rather than dealing with the root cause issues of Al-Qaeda, and we have a President who needs new Powers to Expand The Divine Imperial Executive and to bloat out the Federal Bureacracy.....

Hum... One really does have to wonder how much longer the TreeHuggerInChief will be able to pretend that he and his friend DICK are, well, 'conservative' in any way other than the traditional Stalinist Model so popular amongst the sort of YAFies who loved Nixon and wanted to destroy a Free Republic to install their preferred Police State Dictatorship to spread fear and terror amongst the electorate!!! So that the electorate would be willing to give up more and more tax dollars to fund the ongoing folly of the Police State.

Hum... What if being conservative were about something other than supporting the Police State Terrorising the electorate to shake them down for their lunch money...
Tags: conservativism, war

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