drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

RINO's Or Klintonesta.....

.... You Be The Judge.

I must confess that it has been with no small amount of personal satisfaction and amusement as the various NeoConClownCarCrew have opted to start the Lemmings For The Door Movement as they all get their Gay Pride On and decide that it is SOOOO the time to come out of the closet and admit that they have never really been Republicans, but have always been, well, that remains to be seen. Some of them have decided to start defaming "conservative" as a term, rather than just openly admit that they were not only RINO's but they were OPENLY KLINTONESTA who wanted to have iraqi regime change more than anything else in the world, and gosh, for no better reason than that they so hoped that it would Impress Hitlary and Her RadFemiNazi's - because clearly they were just not getting what they needed from the Ilk of the HanoiAnnie Coulter Courtiery!!

I wonder what the likes of say Goldwater would have to say about these Unprincipled Rat Bastards. Oh yes, that's Right, John Dean, in his new book "Conservatives Without Conscience" happens to actually quote The Distinquished Former Presidential Candidate For the GOP..... And he has not at all been happy with how the "Hate America" Faction of Psuedo-Republicans have been out attacking america, the american way of life, not to mention the American Constitution in their Unprincipled Behavior.

The really BIG challenge now is whether the GOP will finally grow a sense of MORAL OBLIGATION to clean house and return the Party to being a Collection of Americans With Principled Behavior!!! and not merely the groupies who wanted to be ruled by the "Leadership Principle" and just failed to be in the right country in the thirties when it was the slickest hippest thing since the Frei Korp...

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