drieuxster (drieuxster) wrote,

Do they Still Like Nixon?

In the middle of dealing with his emotional trauma over the "Romantic Underground/SlipStream", in his blog entry I Can't Stop Laughing...., where my comments put the nice little mouse back up on the chair, totally frightened by the Parade of Yellow Elephants Dancing All Around Him, dr_strych9offered me the following wonderful tid bit of Rick Perlstein, 'I Didn't Like Nixon Until Watergate': The Conservative Movement Now - which is a Must Read!!!!

But unfortunately it really does not tell those of us, who are Old School Tie, much about the NeoCons that we have not already understood about that Vile Collection Of Morally Duplicitous Pencil Dicked Faggot Assed Nancy Boy Draft Dodging Reprobates Who Wanted to be Calligula!!! that most of us knew them for back in the day!

The grand tragedy is that we have watched them worm their way into the GOP with their NeoKlintonestaIsms, such as the current WagTheDogFiasco of ThatIraqiThingiePooh - which back in classical ClintonestaIsm was merely his effort to avoid his personal responsibility to the american people - and in the NeoKlintonestaIsm is about how TheTreeHuggerInChief is still avoiding his personal responsibilities to the american people. Yes, Yes, Yes, traditionally I normally point to the Dark Evil of the "Democrats For Nixon" that gave us the so called Ronald Reagan Stab In The Back, but if you actually do your home work, you will find that Bill Clinton was an Evill Democrat working with the Drive of the Dark Sinister Evil of the Radical Leftist Liberal Anti-War Regime of JFK that gave up a perfectly good opportunity like the Cuban Missile Crisis to WIN the 3rd World War with the Massive Nuclear Exchange followed by the Grand Tank Battles that of course all the trendy cool kids would have supported - gosh - just like they did with Vietnam, by hiding out in the USofA as a Strategic Reserve, just in case those Vietnamese Flying Saucers were going to attack....

Yes, yes, yes, some would say that Bill Clinton was merely a High School Sophmore when JFK was elected, but as we all know, the Devil is more Demonic in the young.... It was in his Senior Year he was selected to be IN 'boys nation' - so of course we can see how the ways of the Devil WORSHIPPING EVIL ONEs have gone and done their evil contaminations.... { in the new Post-911 world, do we really need to deal with facts in an historical context? Like accepting that the Intelligence did not support invading Iraq, but that the president did this, because he wanted to be a bigger bill clinton than bill clinton, so he had to avoid dealing with Osma Bin Laden and do the Iraqi fandango... Or should we take that slipstream moment and wonder why it is that more americans are not more creatively engaged in the current art festival of constructing the correct Conservativism as it would or chould or should have always been, if it had not been for the Devil Worshipping Liberals who have undermined both the GOP and the Conservative Movement on the orders of their RadFemiNazi Leaders Hitlary and her bed bouncing buddy HanoiAnnie Coulter!!! }

Ultimately there is going to be that big problem of whether or not Conservatives wish to make a consensus about which Principles they actually believe in, other than the mere Raw Grab For Power and the desire to abandon the Republic in favor of a straight up Authoritarian Regime, where only the Powerful Define IF and When any given principle can exist and/or is applicable.

The alternative is that we keep going back over the revisionism of these Stalinists as they keep reworking which way they would have more preferred the story to have been, rather than what had been there.

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