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Unholy Cut And Runners!!!

BAGHDAD: Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki took the first step towards recovering control of Iraq's own military, signing an accord with US officers at a ceremony on Thursday in the war-torn capital of Baghdad.

The handover will give Maliki operational control of Iraq's fledgling air force and navy, and begin the process of putting the army's 10 divisions under a newly-created joint headquarters, independent of US control.

"It's a great step and a great day in Iraqi history," Maliki said at the ceremony.

"The new Iraqi army is being built by the courage of its sons who will dedicate their lives to protect their citizenry, and today the new Iraqi army has been rebuilt on values other than sectarianism," he added.

[ cf US hands over Iraq command of its military ]
What Next???

If we let the iraqi's have an independent military, what will become of the Holy Crusade?

What if the Iraqi's do not want to allow American Troops to continue the policy of "fly paper" where they hope to draw in all of the terrorist cells, including the DNC, the DLC, the DCCC, and the other radical left wing extremists like William F. Buckley....

Should other nations really be allowed to have military units outside of the American Command Structure?

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